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Frequently asked questions

What's included in the price of a course?  - Please see the individual course details for the course you have booked for a full description of what the course includes. In addition to this there is plenty of tea and coffee and usually biscuits too! The majority of courses include written handouts to help with the learning process that you can take away and keep for your records. 

How do I redeem a gift card? 

This will depend on the type of voucher you have. Once on the first booking page, fill out the required information and then do one of the following - 


        *If your code is an 8 digit code with dash in the middle (eg 0000-0000) enter the full code including the dash into the promo code box on the first booking page. This will then apply your discount/funds and you can then move onto the payment page. This also applies to any voucher I have issued personally to you. If your voucher covers the cost of the course there will be a nil balance to pay and you can continue through the booking process.  

       *If your code is longer (eg 19CSJ62019C4S4OJ) then leave the promo code blank and move onto the payment page where you can enter your full code. Any funds remaining on your e-gift card will be available to use at a later date with the same code. 

If your voucher doesn't cover the full cost you can pay the balance by credit/debit card or paypal. 

I am within the 14 day cooling off period since my booking but need to change the date/workshop, can I rebook a new date and request a refund on the first booking? - While you are indeed entitled to a refund, in this instance please contact me so I can manually move your booking to another date. Payment processing companies charge a non-refundable fee for taking the payment (even if still within the 14 days) so they do not refund their fee to me. I will move your booking to a new date and if there is any money to be paid I will issue an invoice. If the course is lower in value than the original booking I will refund the difference. 

I'm waiting for my work schedule and I'm not sure if I will be free for a workshop but don't want to miss out on booking a space, can I book to secure a place and get a refund if I'm not free, as long as I request it within 14 days? - While technically you are entitled to a refund within 14 days I ask that you do not do this for the same reason as above. Payment processing companies charge a non-refundable fee for taking the payment and do not refund their fee to me, even it's within the 14 days.  Please only book a place if you are sure you can attend. If your schedule changes please contact me so that I can try to move your booking to a new date. 

What should I wear? - Please wear regular sensible clothes (but not your best fanciest outfit!) keeping in mind courses take place in a workshop environment. No open toe shoes or sandals please for safety reasons, (there are heavy pieces of equipment in the workshop). If you wear reading glasses then please bring them along with you as close up work will be involved. No loose long ties/scarves and long hair should be tied up. Dress warmly in winter (it can get cold in the workshop) and dress appropriately in summer (it can also get very warm in the workshop). 

Please also keep in mind this is a workshop with tools and equipment that can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please ensure all equipment is used safety and as instructed at all times.


Are there any age restrictions? -  Anyone aged 17 and over can attend independently (anyone in school year 12 upwards).  Students aged 14-16 can attend with an adult who is also booked onto the course.  If you wish to attend with anyone under the age of 14 please contact me prior to booking to discuss the suitability of the workshop you wish to book. 

Do you provide lunch? - Lunch is not included with any course. 

Do I need to bring anything else?- For a longer workshop you may want to bring some lunch with you. Food can also be bought from the onsite cafe 'The Milking Parlour' although I would advise checking opening hours before attending as they do occasionally close early. 

Is there parking on site?- Yes absolutely! There is ample parking in the main carpark. Parking is also available close to the workshop if you have difficulty walking. Please contact me if you require directions to this carpark. It does only have very limited space so only use this carpark if you need to.  When you do park, please don't obstruct roads or access to other businesses on site. 

Where are you located? - The workshop is located on Gate farm Rural Enterprise Park on Wettenhall Road close to The Venetian Marina,  about 5 minutes from Reaseheath College and Snugbury's ice-cream.  I would advise familiarising yourself with the route as it is a rural setting (down a county lane) and some people do struggle to find me. (instant street view is great for having a look at the road and surrounding area). If you are booked onto a workshop or course, I will email a detailed description of how to find me a few days prior to the course. 

What time should I arrive for my workshop? - Please try to arrive about 10 or 15 minutes before the start of your workshop so that you can get settled in, get a tea/coffee etc before the session starts. If you can no longer attend your session please let me know so that the start of the session is not delayed. 

The course I want to do is fully booked, can I go on a waiting list? - At this moment I don't run waitings lists for courses. As all courses are paid for at the time of booking cancellations usually don't happen that often and I find waiting lists difficult and time consuming to manage. You can however sign up to my mailing list where I will share details of new courses when they are added and I will also send out a quick notification email if a place becomes available on a fully booked session. So you will get a heads up before I put a shout out on social media. 

What's the difference between a 1 day workshop and a full 10 week course? - The main difference is that with a 1 day workshop the emphasis is on making a piece of jewellery to take home. So while you will learn some techniques we don't cover them in great depth. On a full 10 week course the emphasis is on learning so we do lots of practice, cover lots of basic skills and you'll learn in greater depth. 

I've done a couple of 1 day sessions, can I go straight to the returners/improvers course? - During the beginners course we cover lots of skills and in much greater depth than we do on 1 day sessions. A 1 day session will provide between 3 - 5 hrs of jewellery making time where as a 10 week course will give you 20 hrs.  I would therefor recommend you still start with the beginners course. If you are competent in texturing metal, saw piecing metal, measuring a ring to size, soldering (including joining 2 components together) and bezel setting a stone then you are probably ok to go straight to the returners course.  The returners course is a lot less structured than the beginners course so you will need to have an idea of the kind of projects you'd like to complete and should be able to do the above skills pretty much independently or with minimal support. If in doubt feel free to send me a message. 

Are dogs permitted in the workshop?Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the workshop due to it being a workshop environment with potential metal debris on the floor which could be harmful for dogs.  Please be aware that the landlord who lives on site, and several other tenants do have dogs. They are all friendly but keep this in mind if you have any issues with dogs as they do sometimes roam the site. They won't have access to the workshop though. 

Are babies in a pushchair or baby seat permitted during a workshop? - Unfortunately this is not permitted for safety reasons. 

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